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>We offer Maintenance & Repair Services:

CM Equipment access a full range of Resources & Tools to make sure you get the right answers in a timely manner. By our skilled and knowledgeable team members and with the help trusted partnerships with our suppliers, CM Equipment goes a long way to resolve problems. We value your time and this is why our experts work hard to get the job done. 


>Our Experts:

All CM Equipment Experts are trained on the Products we offer. Starting with their passion for work, they receive thoroughly training at our manufacturers facility to ensure proper diagnosis and repairs. These consist of extensive mechanical sessions with real time situations. Then, they attend refresh sessions to learn about new developments and updates in the industry. Once at work, our experts dispose of powerful real time data management programs to access customers informations and provide personalized customer service. If need be, once repaired they will go over your equipment to help you identify potential problems down the road. 

>Our Services:

  • Need Work Shop Repairs ; Give us a call and we’ll book you right-in!

  • Need an Answer ; Talk with one of our Expert right from the job site!

  • Need an Estimate; Ask us for a quote!

  • Need an Onsite Repair ; Ask about our Road Call Services! 


-We built our success with customer service. We believe in customer satisfaction before and after equipment sales.-

(Benoît Ménard, President)



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