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The financing plan of your equipment (New or Used)

CM Equipment has established a Division funding to allow you to acquire all the equipment you need to help you grow.

The two types of funding the most popular are the Lease and the Conditional Sales Contract.

The lease is a contract financing where the credit Lessor (Landlord) is the owner of your truck and you are the Credit Tenant (Lessee)

At the expiration of the lease, the contract allows the Credit Tenant (lessee) to purchase the lease asset at a date and at a specified price in the lease.


Main advantages:

The rental payment may be considered an expense and becomes very advantageous for taxes.
Taxes are payable on monthly, not in advance so it is less cash outlay.

The Conditional Sales Contract

The Conditional Sales Contract is a sale in which the transfer of ownership of the property sold is immediately transferred to your Company. Taxes are payable immediately. (Similar to a loan)

Your Benefits of using our services funding:

– Banking diversification, ideal for company growth and not be dependent on a single lender.
– Know your type of business, more flexibility on the terms and conditions.
– Usually no cash required, 100% financing.
– Fixed or Variable Rate of negotiated with lenders to offer excellent the best market conditions.
– Timeliness, we take care of the whole process of financing.

Turnkey acquisition:
Let us the privileged to facilitate your acquisition by entrusting us with your file.
Your precious time is better invested in the operation of your business.
Our goal is to prepare your chosen Equipment, set up your financing and give you the keys to help you make the most of your new tool.

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